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Jul. 31st, 2014 09:07 am
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Being disabled I qualify for free medical transport. The service uses minivans and is a bit quirky. By quirky I mean getting phone calls in the shower when a driver wants to pick me up 2 hours early or spending the better part of an afternoon riding through half the neighborhoods in Philadelphia while the driver picks up riders because he's running late and getting me home is not a priority. Most of the passengers are not in the best of moods because they are coming or going to chemotherapy, dialysis or some other unpleasant treatment, so what happened on a trip several months ago was both unusual and memorable.

On that day there were five of us and the driver, who had an oldies station playing on the radio just barely loud enough for me to identify the tune. When The Temptation's classic "Ain't to Proud to Beg" came on I leaned forward and said: "This is one of my favorite songs, could you turn it up a little bit?" I don't know if it was his limited English or he just misheard me, but he cranked it up good and loud. I figured "What the hell, If he's gonna play it that loud I might as well sing along." Sure enough, within a few seconds the rest of the passengers, who had been all but silent until then, began to sing as loud as they could. When it was over he turned down the radio and we settled back into the usual routine as if nothing had happened. It was like we had just had our own little flash mob moment. To this day I wonder what was going through the drivers mind as he drove along Roosevelt Boulevard with a van full of sick people singing their hearts out.



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